Genius Weft Extensions 24"

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Made with 100% Cuticle-Intact Remy Hair for Unmatched Quality


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Wefts / Pack: 1

Specs: 60 grams | 33” weft width

Discover The Ultimate in Hair Extensions with Genius Weft Extensions from INH Professional

These high-quality human hair extensions are genius wefts, a special hybrid hand tied extensions that offer the most comfortable, seamless and natural look. Double-drawn and available in various lengths, including 16 inch hair, 20 inch hair, and 24 inch hair, these sew in hair extensions ensure versatility for any style while offering maximum creativity with a thin flexible spine and no return beard hair.

The genius weft extension method is amongst the best hair extensions for layering & cocktail extension methods. Pair with our nylon thread and silicone micro hair beads for secure application. Our innovative genius weft professional hair extensions are everything you love from hand tied weft extensions and beaded hair extensions, and skin weft extensions to achieve stunning results.

The genius weft hair extensions are designed for professional use, providing unparalleled quality. Experience the luxury of pro extensions with our remy hair extensions, offering silky, tangle-free genius hair extensions that deliver exceptional volume, density, and natural-looking length.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hair does INH Professional use?

INH Professional extensions are Double-Drawn from top to bottom, made of pure 100% cuticle intact virgin remy human hair. INH Professional strictly sources raw materials that are traceable & ethically sourced throughout selected Provinces of Asia under the Fair-Trade Act. The donors receive fair market-value compensation which allows them to care for their families and communities. Our donors maintain healthy lifestyles and diets in order to provide consistent healthy, quality, intact virgin cuticle hair.

Such high-quality hair is considered scarce. The same source supplies and processes the hair for consistent quality–  INH does not use agents to source hair or engage in animal hair trades.

Will tape in extensions damage my natural hair?

Tape in extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions that are pre-taped with medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive, applied below the scalp & root. It does not damage the hair itself when properly applied & removed by a salon professional. Our INH Tape Extensions are developed with a non-gummy, safe adhesive that causes no irritation, and removes with a clean finish.

Will installing Genius Weft Hair Extensions damage my hair?

INH Professional Genius Weft extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions that are applied below the scalp & root via your professional's installation technique that's decided upon in your consultation with your stylist. It does not damage the hair itself when properly applied & removed by a salon professional. Our INH Professional Genius Weft extensions are developed with the utmost comfort and wearability in mind for our customers and their clients.

How long does the hair last?

INH Professional guarantees our extensions will last up to one year with proper at-home care and on-time, in-salon maintenance with an accredited salon professional. See our maintenance instructions on how to care for your hair extensions.

What colors and lengths does INH Professional offer?

We have 3 color families, and 30 exclusive, professional shades available in Tape-Ins, and 14 shades available in our Genius Wefts, Including: Naturals / Blondes /  Melts /  Highlights / Ombres /  Rooted

INH Professional hair colors range from salon quality warms & cools. Our blondes are pre-toned with less brassiness than other brands– saving time for professionals and minimizing extra processing.

Lengths Available for Tape Ins: 16” / 20” / 22”
Lengths Available for Genius Wefts: 16” / 20” / 24”

How many hair bundles come in a pack?

Genius Weft includes 1 x 33” Weft Per Pack

Tape-ins include 20 wefts per pack (10 sandwiches) and specifications are: 50 grams per pack / 2.5 grams per weft/ 1.6”weft width

How do I combine extensions services with hair color services?

INH Extensions come in blendable salon-level shades that will match most hair colors. INH Professional recommends that when booking a hair coloring service prior to your installation you wait up to 24-48 hours after coloring your hair to apply extensions. This allows the natural cuticle to rest and maximize your investment.

Can I lift or deposit color to my hair extensions?

We do not recommend dying extensions on your own. If you don't see your color range and want to deposit color onto the hair extensions, we advise you to take it to a professional extension colorist for proper coloring. We do not advise lifting color (using bleach) to preserve the longevity of your investment. Instead, we suggest you get the lightest blonde option and deposit color instead of lifting with bleach.

How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

All orders of $85 or more will qualify for free 2-day shipping. You may request overnight shipping at an additional cost based on your order weight and distance traveled.

We ship to North America! Please note that shipments to Canada usually take 7-10 business days.
If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to our dedicated concierge team at, we are always happy to help!

What is INH Professional’s warranty on the hair?

INH Professional offers a 90-day warranty on all hair from the date of purchase. We will accept any returns or exchanges within 90 days of purchase as long as there has been no chemical altering or cutting of the hair.

How do I return or exchange hair within the 90-day warranty window?

Life happens! We get it! If you need to return or exchange hair within the 90-day warranty period please email us at and one of our friendly Customer Experience Experts will be happy to assist you!

How do I care for my INH PRO hair extensions?

1. Install, maintain, and remove with a licensed salon professional for optimal results & lasting wear.

2. Always use gentle sulfate-free shampoo & a hydrating conditioner to preserve the color & health of the hair.

3. Hold hair in sections, and gently brush extensions 2-3x daily from the ends upwards. Pay careful attention not to cause unnecessary tension to the point of attachment

4. We recommend you sleep with your hair in a loose braid and use an INH Satin Pillowcase– do not sleep with wet hair.

5. Do not apply heat directly to the application site close to the scalp. Keep hair moisturized with protective serums from mid-shaft to ends.

6. When styling with hot tools use heat protectant spray, and to maintain the quality of the extensions try not to overuse hot tools or surpass 400F.

7. To avoid unnecessary damage to your hair, we DO NOT recommend at-home removal.

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