We make, so you can create.

Meet INH Professional, the premium salon-grade collection made by the fastest-growing & most talked about hair extensions brand in the past decade.

Our stylist community was born organically from their love of using INH HAIR to elevate their business & push the boundaries of what's possible for their clients. That’s why we created our professional collection— To provide the high-quality products our stylists dream of, and the connection & support they deserve. It’s Pro, with a personal touch. 

Style without limits

Here, you’ll experience the crème de la crème without compromise: 

  • Unparalleled product craftsmanship
  • Top-tier raw material quality 
  • Exclusive pre-toned, ready-to-wear, professional shades

All carefully curated to take your client’s style (& your art) to the next level. With our team’s expertise honed by over 20 years in the hair-making industry, 24/7 service team & community of INH PROs

— We’ve got you covered.